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Our story

In April 2009, Reverend ‘Seyi Faloju received an instruction to go forth and establish a place of succour for God’s children who are living and building careers in the city of Ibadan. The Commission came equipped with ease and a full compliment of men wrapped up as gifts. Ever since, the ministry has grown to discover even more gifts in the city of Ibadan, men, women and children of purpose sent to make impact in this generation.
Over the years, the focus of the ministry had been making
lives better for people, especially in the city of Ibadan.
The activities of this faith-based organisation, which is the church arm of Seyi Faloju Ministries, include health outreaches to underserved communities where they are provided with free basic healthcare, Feed the Poor initiatives where foodstuff are distributed to needy persons and outreaches to correctional facilities with literacy intervention being a primary goal. It is a people oriented organisation that we believe you would love to identify with.