Welcome to Church

Gracepoint International Christian Centre is a place you can call home; a place where you are accepted just as you are; a place where you are loved and cherished; a place where you can be yourself and a place where with the help of God, you will become the best version of yourself that you can ever be. Welcome home!

Our Mission

Making known the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to our world through the word and the spirit, making mature believers out of ordinary men.

Strong Word

Gracepoint International Christian Centre is a place where the word of God is given preeminence. Here the undiluted word of God is preached in simple terms that everyone can understand with real life examples for easy application. The grace of God is made known through His Word and Spirit in manifestation. Gracepoint is your plug for the word simplified!

Strong Fellowship

At Gracepoint International Christian Centre, the love is palpable. The bond of friendship within this family of God is strong. With fellowships and activity groups structured in a way that makes it easy to locate people with similar interests, this haven is a place where you can blossom among family and friends; making noticeable, enviable and consistent progress in life.

Worship God with Us

Join a vibrant community of believers that God is raising to make the world a better place.

Our Services

Sunday: 8:00-9:30 Hrs & 9:45-12:00 Hrs
Tuesday: - 17:30-19:00 Hrs

Visit us at

4, Osuntokun Avenue
Old-Bodija, Ibadan
Email: hello@gracepointicc.org